Trusted advisor in the field of medical facility planning, innovative medical concepts and strategic healthcare solutions.

About Aquilia Health

AQUILIA HEALTH is an international healthcare company. Based on rich experience in the international healthcare industry and operational management of healthcare facilities, we develop innovative business concepts, models and service lines.

We act internationally and combine the best industry practice, trends and international market intelligence, to either create new concepts and projects or implement new ideas and solutions into already existing structures.

We form business development strategies and release them on selected international markets.

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Projects and experienceOffice branches and representations

Our team has been successfully implementing and releasing various international projects and initiatives for a long period of time. Respectively, we gained solid international expertise that enabled us to apply cross-cultural management into our business and better understand various project needs.


We want to be the first choice as a strategic partner for investors in the field of healthcare, operators of healthcare facilities, and key players in the healthcare industry.

Our vision is to be the top provider of innovative concepts for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.


International Reach

AQUILIA HEALTH has an international reach and the experience among selected team members spans across different continents. We foster network and relations with healthcare stakeholders.

Deep healthcare expertise and competence

AQUILIA HEALTH has a unique healthcare know-how that enables to identify strategic frameworks and solutions applicable to different stakeholder groups and markets.

Innovative Approach

Our approach to work is linked to innovation. We always strive to learn and to improve our business by understanding the market, healthcare needs and trends.


Healthcare Facility Planning

We cover all stages of the project development – from the idea and planning to the realization and operation – on various multinational markets and in diverse stakeholders structures and profiles matching the need of the particular project.

Smart Reha Overview

Smart rehabilitation is our unique and innovative rehabilitation concept that was developed based on the industry best-practice, former project experiences and leading trends in the field of rehabilitation.

Smart rehabilitation centre is an integrated medical facility with international standard care and interdisciplinary team providing patients with high-quality medical care, evidence-based treatments and leading medical equipment.

Facility layout and design was thoroughly planned to embrace healing environment for the patients.


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