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mHealth – benefits to all stakeholders

Undoubtedly, technology is rapidly affecting how the healthcare industry is moving and in what direction. This article presents how mHealth (usage of mobile device in the healthcare context) is offering benefits to all stakeholders; in this case hospitals, physicians, patients and remaining employees. Presence of mobile devices allows to be connected in real time, receiving and giving the information, ensuring that the communication is smooth. According to market analysis, which is presented within this article, mobile devices, wearables etc. are inevitable tools for fitness activity and preventive care. The essence is in its versatility; starting from simply booking appointment to accessing treatment plans, alerts and/or even watching educational videos. All of those are great reasons to include mHealth solutions in the preventive and lifestyle medicine. Developing personalized application can help both patients and specialists being on the same wavelength and therefore bring the cost and time effectiveness.

Source: https://www.healthcaretechoutlook.com/news/mhealth-transforming-the-healthcare-industry-nid-1367.html