Yuyuan Luo

Deputy general manager of healthcare project (China)

In January 2020, Yuyuan Luo engaged in the business of Fresenius Helios and Vamed and has been in charge of the establishment and improvement of the Beijing office. There she is responsible for the communication and coordination between the teams from China and Europe on the healthcare projects in China. Through her hard work, the public relations are well maintained and the general manager’s work is smoothly pushed forward by cooperating with all parties such as governments and major customers.

Yuyuan holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Jimei University. After graduation, she sold cosmetics to high-end beauty salons in a self-employed way. Before joining Fresenius, she worked as a general manager in Fujian Yibei Express for one year, where she dealt with the cargo at Fuzhou Changle Airport and handled customs declaration. She also runs a trading company of tea wholesale and high-end retailing.