Tao Chen

Healthcare project manager (China)

Since joining Aquilia Health in June 2020, Tao Chen is responsible for the primary preparations for the healthcare projects in China and assists in progressing the projects.

After graduating from Jiangxi City University, he worked as a regional sales director in Lingrui Medical Technology Co., Ltd. There he built the group and took charge of daily management, negotiated with pharmacies over cooperation and planning of activities and analyzed the sales data. He also worked with another two medical technology groups for respectively one year from 2015 to 2017 and accumulated experience in healthcare products marketing and operating. During this period, he promoted products online through China’s famous platforms such as Youku, Tmall and JD. Under his assistance, the business with BOB-CARDIF Life Insurance on membership health management with a value of 1 million RMB was considered to be one of his biggest achievements during this time. From August 2017 to November 2019, he worked as a marketing manager and project supervisor in Beijing Lawke Health Laboratory Co., Ltd where he took the responsibilities for O2O marketing, channel expanding and CHR project implementation.