Jasmin Horvath MSc.

Business Administration MANAGER

  • Joined AQUILIA HEALTH in 2019 as a Business Administration Specialist. Jasmin joined VAMED, the international hospital management team, in 2017. She participates in many international hospital/healthcare projects (China, Thailand, Malaysia) with focus on business and project administration.
  • Responsible for project documentation and project support, travel organization, business planning.
  • She gained experience from healthcare management, public health management, healthcare management in general hospitals to administrative assistant in a healthcare facility.
  • Worked as a trainee in a general hospital and gained experience in care management, care documentation and patient administration.
  • Gained experience in international project management especially in the administrative field.
  • Holds a Master degree in Integrated Healthcare Management from the College of Pinkafeld (Master of Science in Health Studies) and a Bachelor degree in Health Promotion and Health Management from the College of Pinkafeld (Bachelor of Arts).