George Schutte, MBA (cum laude)

Project leader for Hospital Operational Commissioning

George joined VAMED in 2017- with 25+ years’ practical (as CEO) and consultancy experience in Hospital Commissioning & Management– of both green- and brown field projects in South Africa, Namibia, UAE, Jordan, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana and more recently in China. Together with his B. Comm (commerce degree), LLB (law degree), and MBA George deliver excellent results from the operational planning to the management of a hospital
Some of his more recent projects includes:


  • Project 1: Advised on the Planning and Pre- & Post Operational Commissioning of a new 300-bed greenfield International Hospital in South China for a JV with HNA , in China. This involved the Support and advice of the Management of all Internal processes; Overall Business Operations and Development and administration of Policies; Development & Execution of the Strategy; Preparation of short- and medium-term Operational Budgets; Maintaining of Relationships with external partners; Strategic direction and Implementation of vision, plans, policies & Financial Management Strategies; Representation of the hospital to external stakeholders including high level partners; Overall Accountability, Responsibility and Authority for the Management of the business affairs in accordance to the Strategic Plan.
  • Project 2: Consultant on a new Medical & Wellness Centre within a 4,000 unit residential and senior apartment development. Liaising directly with the project owners and JV shareholders. His scope of responsibility was to analyze the market and recommended services, packages and prices to the project owner/ developer.


  • Compile bankable document for funding for a new private hospital in JORDAN.


  • Develop a full-scale feasibility study for a group of hospitals in GHANA & NIGERIA.


  • Development of an e-Learning Hospital Management Training Program for global application with a strong focus on Financial & Budget Modelling.