Service Scope

Running Business/Operation

Our service scope covers also running the business, in other words, operation of the healthcare facilities. With our international experience and access to valuable healthcare professionals, in cooperation with the leading hospital management providers, we are able to cover following areas; shareholder role, know how transfer, growth strategies and education & training.


Our role in the operational management stage is to deliver innovative ideas and concepts to optimize the running business and most importantly assess adequate shareholder structure which we are able to provide due to our know-how, expert networking and project involvement. We are interested to hold shares in the operational companies where we can have a role in the supervisory functions. We are seeking for strong cooperation models and suitable healthcare providers.


Our know how transfer consists of different market information, analysis, concepts and project communication which is highly valuable for the all the involved parties in the operational phase. We can serve as an advisory element as we are actively researching industry best-practice and we make sure that our know how is transferred efficiently to all the involved parties.


Our team is focused on identifying and implementing growth strategies for all the parties involved in the operational company. Based on the market data and trends, we can assess and advice what can be the future steps in the new business development. This often refers to the roll-out strategy and pipeline projects for the future cooperation.


Because we are actively involved in the market intelligence and healthcare project management, we are able to bring upfront our innovation spirit and find the new possibilities in the fields of education and training, both for patients and staff.