Service Scope

International Market Intelligence

In order to be successful in such a competitive industry, we place high importance on international market intelligence. We use primary and secondary information, real-life experience, examples and case studies in our analysis process in order to create a solid ground for understanding each market that is unique in its nature.

Our company uses a sophisticated process into gaining market knowledge and keeping up with the newest information. To achieve that, we emphasise on the identification of the relevant international trends and placing them into the appropriate context. We use up to date studies, survey, reports and onsite market research to help us assess the most efficient competitive landscapes.


In the healthcare sector, every market has its own specifics and dynamics. We analyse selected international markets to stay up-to-date with the present market and industry development to identify new opportunities and adapt concepts to the actual demand and needs. Our company uses a sophisticated process into gaining market knowledge and keeping up with newest information. Further, we develop extensive briefs consisting of the main economic, medical and sociodemographic factors that allow us to conclude the level of market attractiveness and identify the concrete medical demand for particular regions and projects.


The healthcare industry is constantly experiencing disruptive changes. In order to be aware of it, we are identifying healthcare trends through the leading industry players, experts, and fresh industry information. Innovation is definitely a strong competitive advantage. As the expectations of healthcare clients are rising, healthcare providers have to integrate the leading trends and continuosly work on the adoption into the operation. We identify trends in a multinational context, to pick the best innovations and integrate them into our projects. We make sure that we follow traditional and experienced practise, but at the same time, we do not underestimate the changing nature of the industry. We always try to keep in mind the importance of the current and future trends within the world of health care.


We develop new strategies and choose tactics accordingly, not the other way around. This enables us to have a clear vision in what goals we are trying to achieve by using the most appropriate and effective solutions for developing the business. We identify the right opportunities in particular markets. Our guidance extends from formulation of a business development strategy, specifically in the field of organic growth, up to its implementation in the day-to-day business.


Our best fundamental quality is multinational experience in hospital operational and clinical management. Based on an in-depth understanding of medical operations, we integrate the best practise into every output. We constantly seek for improvement, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the industry. Our vast experience allows us to grasp and implement the best industry standards into the business development phase and project management.