Service Scope

Innovative Concepts and Studies

We create innovative concepts and studies based on our skills, knowledge and up-to-date market information. These concepts reflect many aspects, such as long-term profitability, demand in selected catchment areas, risk mitigation and feasibility of implementation. We create medical and operational concepts, service line development, feasibility studies and further adapt such models to each particular market (s).


When we are developing advanced concepts, we start with a vision and critical ideas that frequently evolve from the market analysis. We place the ideas into the appropriate context in order to bring the highest value possible for all stakeholders. We form medical and operational concepts by integrating the leading international multidisciplinary experts and institutions.


We carefully develop service lines that are aligned with solid strategic prerequisites and market demand. We know that in some cases, specialisation and focus on Centers of Excellence can lead to best results from a medical and financial standpoint. We create specific models and services that can complement and interconnect with various service lines so that we can capture the value for clients and enable easy and comfortable access to care. We focus especially on preventive and patient managed proactive fields of medicine, as we are convinced that this is the direction of the future.


In order to proceed with the ideas and concepts further, we meticulously conduct feasibility studies for the sake of verification that the project idea creates sufficient value. This phase enables us to assure ourselves and especially investors and all other stakeholders, that the concept and business model is feasible, mirrors the market demand and has a managable risk profile. We use various business frameworks in order to detect the strengths and opportunities of the projects, especially further future growth and expansion potentials.


As we are acting in a multinational context, we understand that cultural differences in the concrete healthcare markets can play a big role. For than reason, we make sure that the service offerings are suited to the local needs and adapted to the habits of the catchment area and location.