Service Scope

Business Models

Although the health improvement and satisfaction of healthcare clients is the most important target of every healthcare provider, economic sustainability is just as important. We make sure to prepare business models in a systematic and feasible fashion that benefits all involved stakeholders.


We carry out financial modelling by using the leading methods based on experience, historical records, market intelligence, and industry know-how in order to create a financial simulation of the business. We synthesize all the crucial components, such as costs and revenues, benchmarking, KPIs, public health data, market statistics, medical and operational management and financial know-how.


Because our projects usually consist of various business subjects, we have to carefully and fairly treat our stakeholders and form the most suitable stakeholder landscapes. We make sure that all parties are receiving relevant feedback regarding the expectations and project progress. Some of the key stakeholders in our business models are investors, institutions and unions, medical suppliers etc. We try to find the best fit for a viable long-term business cooperation with the added value for all parties involved.


In order to deliver a strong business model, we also either lead or actively participate in commercial negotiations for the purpose of identifying lucrative negotiation terms, contracts and other important aspects of the projects and business structures. We are targeting towards win-win agreements with optimal outcome and fair positioning for all parties involved.


Our team also places significant importance into identifying most appropriate business structure. Based on the project goal and requirements we assess various business structures to find the most suitable one. This applies also for business design, where we realize the importance behind this technique because it allows us to determine key business components such as; price point, a value proposition but most importantly customer benefits.