Projects - New Healthcare Solutions

Medical Technology


We see a high global potential in the medical technology market and we are eager to expand our business scope in this segment. Due to the rise healthcare investment, patient needs and chronic diseases, we believe that the medical technology industry is crucial to the success of the healthcare industry.

The global medical technology market is growing steadily and demand for the high-quality/ high-value products is significant. We can provide medical technology companies with our industry know-how that we have acquired in the past during our involvement in healthcare projects. We can also give valuable insights and support medical technology companies to identify the right market needs, end buyers, positioning and business structuring. Our vast experience in healthcare related projects, and international expert network enables us to have access to valuable resources. We are interested into new business opportunities via strong and prosperous joint cooperation.


We are able to facilitate sales expansions into multi-national markets through two main business strategies:

  • Importing medical equipment and identifying the right buyers for the products, depending on the market/product
  • Setting manufacturing facilities to meet local needs, secure sufficient volumes needed and optimize the financial outcomes


We are mainly looking, but not limited, for the innovative start-ups and SMEs with the following product portfolio:

  • Rehabilitation assisted products such as exoskeletons and other robotic devices
  • Innovative medical equipment such as smart devices, wearable technology, AI imaging devices
  • Premium diagnostic equipment