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Healthy Products


We are devoted to support, guide and consult successful health supplement companies and help them penetrate different multi-national markets. For the past several years, global health supplement market is booming mainly because more customers understand importance of their health and are well-aware of the health prevention benefits. Most importantly, demand for the high-quality supplement products is high and expected to maintain in the future, mainly because of the healthcare development, rise of the middle class and favorable market conditions. We select such companies based on careful selection, and we make sure that their portfolio can be promoted well on the market by identifying right opportunities and local environment.


Our team members have an extensive experience in international trade, global business, logistics as well as strong network of contacts on various multi-national markets. This allows us to serve as an important element during expansion process by finding the right provider which can fit the local market needs.


We are looking for innovative start-ups and SMEs who are interested to expand on the multi-national markets with the following product portfolio:

  • Prescription-free medication
  • Health Supplements
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Cosmetics